This confidentiality charter concerns the processing of personal data for which BANSARD INTERNATIONAL is the data controller.
For more information on how our services may be used to facilitate your processing of personal data and on BANSARD INTERNATIONAL's responsibilities and commitments in relation to these, please refer to the applicable conditions.



Personal data refers to data that identifies you as a natural person. We may be required to process the following types of personal data concerning you:

Your contact details including name, email address and telephone number

User information, for example, if you log in to our service or visit our website. This information may include IP number, device type and browser, time zone, geographical location, as well as your interests and preferences Information about how you interact with our services, for example about features used and buttons clicked

Other information we receive through your contacts




We process your personal data for the following purposes:

To provide our services in accordance with the applicable terms

To administer the business relationship with you and the current or potential client of BANSARD INTERNATIONAL that you represent

To develop and improve our services

To provide information and offers to current or potential BANSARD INTERNATIONAL customers about our services. Any marketing material distributed using your personal data is sent to you as a representative of a current or potential client of BANSARD INTERNATIONAL and not to you as an individual.


It is our obligation to process accurate, relevant and necessary personal data while taking into account our legitimate purposes. You have the right to control us.
To update the personal data we process about you or to receive a free extract of the personal data we process about you, please contact us at or by mail at our registered office address mentioned above.